Hi to all!

Forgive me to mingle into this in English. I have (with the difficulty of sometimes absurd online-translations) followed your diverse threads on statistics – with funny ears and noodles and all you need ;-) – and on questions of organization. Now I feel I would like to share some of my thoughts regarding these questions.

First on statistics:
In my view they are of no worth at all when it comes to astrology. (Sorry, just no way to put it mildly..) Any chart is absolutely singular. Any responsible reading takes that into account.

Aspects are only one contributing factor, and not the strongest one.
There are factors which determine the planets that take part in an aspect very decisively: cosmic state, meaning the sign they are in and dignities, further more the terrestrial state of house position, domination, disposition and the state of the dispositor, and many more.

And even if one found a way to statistically define these, which seems impossible, there would still be lacking the red thread of Ariadne, the structure, the „gestalt“ which emerges of these, the immanent logic, the repetition of a theme by various factors. I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Of course there is analogies to planets and aspects of planets, agreed, also in the form of diseases. But the aspects give only dispositions, the realisation being strongly dependant on many factors like mentioned above. Disease is always the outward sign, that the according constellation has not been solved on the level of the soul, interacting with the time and circumstances it is thrown into. Let me give an example. If you have Mars-Neptun and get the feeling and perception that a situation is not right for you, for your development, for the integrity of your soul, an instinct to flee will arise. But if you cannot flee, or don’t want to give in to that instinct, because you prefer to compromise, high blood pressure develops – or rheumatism. When combined with Neptun-Uranus you will probably develop asthma as an allergic reaction of the oversensitive soul to an overload of impressions, whereby the allergic sensitivity comes from an unwanted truth that lingers subconsciously.

All diseases I mentioned in this example may occur, or may not, depending on many given factors of the horoscope and depending most of all on the attitude of the horoscop owner towards life and especially towards the realm of heaven or of God, towards the realm beyond subjective needs, that every human being has its share of, heaven in us, so to speak. There is no fixed determination. Like Morinus says:

„No planet has by its influence the same effect on subjects of different sorts, not even on many subjects of the same sort.“ and:

„The natural analogies of the planets represent only a very general determinating factor and are not to constitute a particular one. Nevertheless, when these analogies are in harmony with a particular accidental determination, they confirm the latter.
In the contrary situation, they do not entirely invalidate or counterbalance the particular accidental determination.“

This much on statistics. In my eyes the mere attempt to grasp something in the form of statistics is already the confession that there is no understanding at all of the object of ones statistical examination. If you understand something there is absolutely no need for statistics. It is better to know what I need to tell a client with a certain constellation and which homoepathic remedy to give him to help solve a constellation than to be able to tell something on statistical occurance of the problem. Nothing could be more superfluous.

Now to the question of organizations:

Both wishes – the one to give astrology a better standing by statistically relevant proof and the wish to give it more official appreciation by strong organizations are in my view the utterly wrong attitude that will in the end weaken astrology and not strengthen it.

The predominant ideology in the world today is materialism and science which is directly connected to it. This moloch is using up the lives of individuals and will NEVER acknowledge true astrology. It might however take it over, make it something pseudo-scientific, spoil it, destroy it and sit on it, using it to further destroy life in this world. In the end it will be like with healers and true artists. You will be obliged to follow an academic study course, that ensures, that ONLY the absolutely untalented ones will emerge. No true healer can study medicine at university. It is simply impossible. He would fall ill himself immediately. No true stage director or actor can study at university. It’s the theater people who have it in their blood for centuries to be unsettled and to lead a vagrant life. They are the story tellers of a people who go from town to town and tell all the stories that need to be told to correct in the unconscious the ways of life that are deteriorating in a people. And now it is expected of this age-old archetype to study at university. Many such professions have died away, just think of the myriad of musicians who were playing before recording and multiplication of music took place. The individuals who have it in their genes, in their constellations, now need to do things contrary to their destiny and of course they are unhappy and have diseases or drink or have no job..

Same with astrologers. Fortunately their archetype still exists. But to keep it that way, they need to be absolutely independent individuals, responsible only to god and the people they advise. NO ONE else!!
This is not to say, there can’t be decent schools to convey knowledge. But who is going to examine and who is going to give a licence to read peoples destinies? Mere knowledge may be tested, but who will judge talent, intuition, inspiration to read a chart, integrity towards the truth?

If this independence, individuality, originality and and yes – eccentricity – is kept alive, astrology might have a chance to survive, as there will always be a deep need for true orientation in life, even more so in modern times. If astrology is however trying to adapt to state, public opinion, tastes of the time, etc. it will perish in the blink of an eye. If it is overtaken and regulated by the state or professional organizations that are henchmen of the state, it will lose all dignity, all autonomy. The only one to profit of that will be the God of Regulation called State! In Germany there is already efforts going into this direction.
If in R. you are in the happy situation of not beeing specifically observed by the state and by the world, rejoice. This is the best situation for astrology to evolve from itself in an organic way. Maybe one day Russian Astrology will be the world reservoir of true astrology, while everywhere else it has become a mere shadow of itself by regulations of all kind. Who knows ;)

Maybe some of you will be able to relate to these thoughts. I know others won’t. But just take a look, how the official world is ruining everything. As soon, as one understands that, there is no more wish to take part in it. There is a true world for the few that want one. It can exist inmidst all the rest. But it is required to be steadfast and unshakable by fashion and zeitgeist.