Hi F. and anyone else interested!

What you are asking me to do is no less than to write a book of quite some volume ;)
At least an article would be necessary and more appropriate to the subject, which cannot be discussed by the help of a few keywords or slogans.

I will nevertheless try to give a short description because I start liking Russia :))
But keep in mind, it is what comes to my mind spontaneously, it is not the result of long preparation and pre-structuring!

I have answered your thread in the first place because I recognized your principally similar understanding of the creation process, which is by the way also described in the Buddhist philosophy of the 5 skandhas, but much less differentiated than in the understanding of the zodiac according to Rhythmenlehre.

Principally the creation process can be seen clockwise starting in Pisces and counter clockwise starting in Aries. But at the same time -as you stated- we see symmetry of the upper and the down half of the zodiac, the down half being the earthly part of the process. The best way for a preliminary understanding would be to observe the movement in the upper half in clockwise direction and the simultaneous movement in the down-half counter clockwise.

I shall first describe the upper half. In Pisces lies the potentiality of everything. It is the numinous, all-in-one, not yet divided. In human life it is the great sea of the unconscious we are connected to by the parasympathetic nervous system. In there lies the Principle of the Gestalt of Time as it will emerge later in the process. Neptune in your chart is the principle of the Gestalt that comes to life by your being in the world. The sea is an analogy.

In Aquarius the first spark emerges from this sea of potentiality, the first split takes place („Ursprung“ in German = origin, the meaning of „Ursprung“ being the first split, the first split in the round saucer so to speak), duality occurs. It may also be conceived as the starting of time, as a swirl of water or air, remember the mini-tornados. A constant stream of origination is taking place here, everything fresh, new, never before been in existence. This is the realm of the heavenly angels, by the way the angels of the Renaissance or of Rilke, by no means some sweet dolls. Angels and birds are an analogy.

In Capricorn something is taking place that is difficult to describe and to grasp. That which has originated in Aquarius is getting its actual Gestalt here, e.g. as an Elephant or a human being. In Capricorn the Gestalt is destined, assigned. That’s why this is the house of destiny. What is in the 10th is determining the Gestalt that will pass the border to time as it exists in the world. The 4th quadrant is the future to the 3rd quadrant. In Capricorn lies the immaterial Gestalt of a whole species, or the ONE GATE, from which all other gates coming into time are derived. Saturn as the Great Keeper of the Gate (to Time) is at home here. The King as determining the fate of a kingdom is an analogy.

What has been described up to this point is all part of the heavenly realm of the 4th quadrant. With the passing of 0°Capricorn we are in the realm of consciousness, the world of ideas or better „Gestalt“. In the 3rd quadrant Gestalt which has originated and been destined in Aquarius and Capricorn is now efficient in the world of consciousness. Gestalt in this context is the ideas that are independent from their material existence, that have been before and will be after material realisation. In the time of scholasticism as a result of the
great philosophical dispute about nominalism this conception was abandoned. This abandoning of the gods, or daemons in the old Greek meaning, or Gestalt, was the prerequisite for modern sciences as a long-term consequence.
The 3rd quadrant gives orientation to the 2nd quadrant, it orientates about life, impregnates and fertilizes life. Therefore people with a strong 3rd quadrant have the assets to give orientation to others. But to be able to do that according to heavens intentions, they need to have a weak ego and often enough planets or signs of the 4th quadrant weaken the ego of the 1st quadrant in such charts.

In Sagittarius all that is thrown into time by Capricorn has to be assembled, joined (in German „gefuegt“ like in the musical fugues of Bach). The puzzle of the Gestalt of Time of an individual life for example has to be put together here and has to be assembled to the broad picture. Jupiter is the one who joins together whatever he gets from Saturn. Jupiter is writing the drama that will become the Present Time of an individual in the 7th. So it is not only the great benefic. It depends utterly on what he gets. Pluto moving into Sagittarius has brought the genetic engineering mentioned by you. Man is changing Jupiter’s assembly. When this information reaches the 8th, Scorpio is giving feedback to Capricorn and the Gestalt of mankind will permanently change. Something similar happened with elephants in a reservation park in India. They were deprived of their ivory tusks so that hunters may not kill them. Soon elephants in other parts of the world started to be born without ivory tusks. Scorpio had given feedback about the changed Gestalt, which had been corrupted in Sagittarius by man.

Now follows the sign most difficult to describe. Scorpio. Pluto or Hades once was the God of the richness of diversity, bestowing rich green meadows. That ancient meaning has -still in ancient times- slowly changed to the God of Underworld. Why is this so?
In Scorpio the assembly that arrives from Sagittarius gets its time assigned, when is what going to happen. Scorpio is giving the form, the structure, the exact timing, shortly the design for the plan to be carried out. Pluto is delivering it to the Present Time of the 7th house.
But Pluto has another task. He can only deliver what is in accordance with Neptune’s principle of the Gestalt of this life. Remember Pisces, all the potentialities as principles lying in the 12th? If now the subject (located in the 2nd quadrant) has not accepted what heaven had prepared as the Gestalt of his life, of his being, if that person has not liked it, has for example preferred status and power to being creative, if he had creative assets – Pluto cannot deliver what was destined. Pluto is the great check point of the zodiac!! Now Pluto can do nothing but deliver the form of the abnegated Neptune, the form of the denied Gestalt to the Present Time in the 7th.
That is why Pluto has such a bad reputation. Pluto is actually only destructive in its consequences when Neptune has been betrayed, denied, abnegated. An analogy is Hephaestus, the Greek god, the blacksmith with the clubfoot. The clubfoot is signifying the missing part of the Gestalt. (The devil has one too ;) )This clearly says, evil is nothing else but that part of Gestalt, destined in heaven, that was meant to come alive in the world through our lives but has been rejected, suppressed, denied life. There is no other evil. All denied Gestalt rests in the 12th house, the unconscious of all. We will see later, that Mars being the sword of Neptune will destroy all form of abnegated Neptune when his time has come, when he is activated in the chart. The intensity of Mars‘ destructiveness will be in accordance with its being charged by Pluto’s information on denied Principle.

Libra is the tide wave of time called presence.
It is our meeting point with the Gestalt of destiny, the drama of our destiny enfolding. 0°Libra is where the awareness of Virgo is meeting the consciousness of Libra. Libra is the consciousness of the time, the zeitgeist. Therefore it has a definite relationship to things being public. It is the stage of the time being, as well as the stage in theatre. Meeting people and ideas, meeting all the outside-me is happening exactly here. The whole 3rd quadrant is the part of the world that we will get to know only by encountering the outside world. To find that part within ourselves, we first have to encounter it from the outside. This part is different with everyone and is described by the 3rd quadrant of our horoscope.

Puuh! Half way through :) This is actually going absolutely beyond the scope of a posting. So let me be brief with the down half. Let’s see if it works. I am not too good at being brief ;)

The whole 1st quadrant is concrete reality.

Aries and Pisces are both undivided. They are the part of the zodiac before any dividing. Mars is the energy provided to bring the principle of Neptune to appearance. Mars is also the sword of Neptune as described above, taking down all forms of abnegated Neptune, being Neptune’s Avenger.
By this nature both Mars and Neptune are the immune system, both in the literal and figurative sense. Aries brings into appearance the contents of Pisces.
In very many charts of catastrophes for example, you’ll have the ruler of the 12th in the 1st. The negated, the unsolved of the unconscious in the 12th is coming to appearance in the 1st. Often it is Pluto being the ruler of 12 in 1, stressing once more, it is the unsolved, the negated, suppressed, coming to appearance now.
People with Mars-Neptune are bringing to the surface the unconscious of all by their mere presence. I could tell tales…

Taurus is the concentration of energy towards concrete figuration. Uranus provides the information or blueprint to Venus who is giving figuration to the energy received by Mars. When Uranus is being blocked by certain constellations, the figuration of systems or tissues of the body deteriorate or break down.

Gemini is all function emanating of the form of appearance in Taurus. It is movement, roads, all ways of transport, also in the body, logic, intellect and regulations. If Neptune is present, Gemini is the function according to the Gestalt given by Saturn in Capricorn. If Neptune is abnegated Saturn cannot destine the Gestalt according to the Principle and the functions in the 3rd will be mere regulations missing all Gestalt, being empty shells of activity. (See the God of Regulation I invented lately…)

The 2nd quadrant is life and creation. It is us as subjects, as beings alive and subjected to the Gestalt that is sent to us by heaven. Fate is in German „Schicksal“ which means what is being sent.

0°Cancer is the beginning of life. The soul that is added to the material appearance, or more likely, the soul that brings into existence the material world. Cancer is all sentience and feeling. It seems it has a direct underground connection to the 12th house and can thereby have a non-rational judgement of what is true, of what is according to the Principle of ones time and being. The German term „Empfindung“ denotes according to etymology what one finds in oneself. It is kind of a soul identity.
Cancer is the closed world of someone who is reading a book, sitting in a cinema, being in a cosy bar, or simply at home. And if you have Mars in 4 you feel your closed world of sentience is over and over disrupted from the outside. Cancer prepares what is created by oneself. So it is also the time of pregnancy or of preparing a piece of art.
Cancer gives life to what is assembled by Jupiter in Sagittarius.

In Leo we express and create all we have found in Cancer. It is the subject, not yet aware of any necessity to adapt to the world outside ones subjective needs. The children are not our only creations of the 5th. Here we create worlds to be experienced. Scorpio delivers the contents and timing of our life in Leo. If Scorpio has nothing to deliver that would be in accordance with Neptune’s principle of the Gestalt of our time, it is delivering the negation of life. Therefore any connection of Sun-Pluto is in danger of a negation of life, the replacement of vibrant life by ideologies for example. Ideologies are the expression of Scorpio when Gestalt is missing. Orientation then becomes disorientation and life becomes a thought-construct of life.

Virgo is sensual perception with the ultimate consequence of awareness. Virgo gets aware of the consciousness of Gestalt that is emerging like Aphrodite in Libra. Aphrodite, in the process from Pisces to Libra emerging from the sea of unconscious finally goes ashore as Gestalt of the Presence in Libra, Virgo sitting there on the shore, looking to the sea and perceiving Aphrodite’s that is Gestalt’s beauty. The awareness of the Gestalt of a tree is something very different from the mere sensual perception of a tree. Try it!
Virgo adapts the subject to the outside world by fine-tuning the subject so it is fit to encounter the non-subject, the world of other. Virgo gives us comprehension and is excellent in articulation. Writers need it desperately. Reason is belonging here. The German word for reason is „Vernunft“. Etymologically this comes from perceiving, hearing. In Virgo is the comprehension of what one has found in oneself in Cancer.

I hope I could convey an idea of that view of the process of creation, involving time, consciousness and awareness and most of all that unspeakable truth, the mythos that can only be recognized by the soul, never by logic. I appreciate very much that you obviously have that perception and understanding as can be seen in your postings.

Kind regards,