Greetings to all!

(George, this is what has been cooking up in my mind ;))

It is a summarization of some thoughts to this much-discussed theme. Much of it may have been expressed by one of you in a quite similar or different way. If so, I apologize for the redundancies. In particular I want to highlight two things:


1) Concerning the VALUE of statistics in astrology:

Statistics usually don’t lie. (Mostly that is. Do you know that saying “Trust only the statistic that you have forged by your own hand!”)

They tell us, we will be drunk, when we drink too much, that we will freeze to death, if we lay down in the snow at –20°C, and other vital facts ;)

Sorry, I didn’t mean to get ironic. It seems obvious that for most things in life we do not need any statistics at all. Statistics gain their helpfulness predominantly in complicated technical regulation models, in production processes, or for example in the design of traffic flow and adapting street light rhythms. That is to say in situations, where the average is the factor that counts. All individual concerns are by definition left out in these models and designs based on statistics. When there is a sudden half hour where the model doesn’t apply, car drivers will have to sit in front of red lights on empty streets. This is preferable to having traffic jam all the time. Agreed.

But what would be the value of statistics in astrology? Who would need them for WHAT PURPOSE? There has been much talk about the technical problems posed by such an endeavour, which I believe are not only huge but also insurmountable, similar maybe to the effort of weather forecast, though I am convinced even more complex. But the more important question is what would even be their purpose if possible at all?

Statistics per definition are absolutely irrelevant to the single case. Their design is based on abstracting from the individual case. Statistics are absolutely not interested in who is driving too fast, who is applying the brakes abruptly, who is going too slow, who is not concentrated. It is only the average that counts for this purpose.

So, for the individual case, statistics are irrelevant in a double sense. Firstly, from principle, and secondly from the missing implications that statistics just don’t have for the individual.

To a man, who gets the diagnosis of a serious illness, it is absolutely irrelevant, that 25% statistically survive this disease. The only relevant thing to him is, to which side of the coin he is belonging. (The diagnosis, accompanied by the figures of his statistic chances, may in itself cause the start of a death-programme in him, but that is another story.)

Let’s play this by the help of a practical example:

Astrologers know, that a hard aspect of Mars-Uranus may give a disposition to accidents. Empiric astrology has shown this without the use of statistics. We could now try to find out by the help of statistics, in how many cases of 100 this applies. But again, what would be the use of it???

Statistics will never be able to tell me, if the client in front of me is belonging to the computed part of 100 that will have the actual accident.

But if I, as an astrologer, take into account other factors provided by his chart, as the involved houses, a possible connection to the houses of the first quadrant, I may be in the position to estimate much better the real danger.
If I further examine, if the client is showing symptoms of unsolved Mars-Uranus, I may be able to estimate still better the real danger, symptoms like e.g.:

driving a red Porsche (look for your oligarchs’ sons )
a pronounced weakness in taking decisions
readiness to be subject to another’s control
strong compensation of the weak father imago that is connected to that constellation:
in men: by over-manifestation of martial appearance and behaviour
in women: by seeking seemingly strong masculine men: the police agent, the fire-fighter, the elegant military officer, Michael Schuhmacher, …

The more I find signs of an unsolved Mars-Uranus, the greater will be the danger for the client to become the victim of an accident (more frequently in men) or the victim of an aggressive attack, possibly by a knife (more frequently in women.)

Imagine Mars conj. Uranus in the 7th, their ruler positioned in the 1st quadrant and thereby transporting this aggression from the outside to the person.

(I just remembered Anna Lindh the Swedish politician, who got stubbed and died of it. When I looked up her chart – surprise! Look for yourself:

Anna Lindh, 17.6.1957, 22:25h, CET (GMT+1h), Ludvika, Sweden 15:10 e, 60:01 n)

There are of course many other factors to be considered. Mars is placed on a dangerous Mars-Pluto point of the Zodiac. Pluto and Neptune heavily afflict the Moon, being the ruler by house of Mars and Uranus and transporting the aggression coming from outward to the person in the 1st. With Pluto in 7 you are always attracting the evil that wants to be named and salvaged by you. Your challenge is to have the courage to perceive it and to name it, so that it may vaporize like “Rumpelstizchen” – Румпельштильцхен (гном в немецкой сказке) – if you are acquainted with the story. But If you have no access to your own soul resources as with the blocked emotions of Moon-Pluto you are not able to do that, and the evil will get to you, instead of being redeemed by you naming it. So one might say the unsolved Mars-Uranus within herself attracted that attack to the poor woman.

So, to cut it short, I find astrological examination of the individual chart much more helpful in estimating possible manifestations of astrological factors than statistics.

If you don’t like my way of reading charts, – one may reach the exactly same conclusions about the chances of manifestation of a given factor by judgement of all the dignities and weaknesses of planets and their complicated relations by cosmic and terrestrial state.

No statistic could ever take into account the whole chart in any comparable way, which nevertheless is the only basis for valuable estimations!!

Of course you cannot win absolute certainty either that way, but a much more realistic estimate. And in practice the most important thing is to explain his constellation to a client, so that by comprehension of the basic soul processes involved he will be less endangered to suffer the negative consequences of a constellation. To me the use of homeopathy is a very valuable help at this point. Repressions will surface in dreams and manageable life situation and not be forced to erupt in destructive events.

2) Concerning the question of the MOTIVE for statistics in astrology:

Some of these days I felt my heart aching, seeing all this discussion on scientific statistical proof of astrology going on.

I know, I have laid out my views clearly in „The God of Regulation“. But in my heart I just don’t understand what brings serious astrologers to seek the acceptance and placet of science, to defend their art to sciences that are LIGHTYEARS from any understanding of the world or human being?

I just don’t understand it and regard it personally a waste of time to defend astrology to non-astrologers or pseudo-astrologers. This is of course a very personal statement. I must in this context also admit, that I have no liking for the kind of characters as represented by this much discussed Dr.Gibson. Just the type who would be present all over in the media, a so-called psychiatric counsellor to each and every TV-channel, a professional speaker, selling his talks to any audience who would pay for it, thereby self-multiplying his worth in the market, a self-proclaimed spiritual guru, absolutely vain and hollow, who would in my opinion not survive a day without the applause of his audience and his devotees.

In my view this kind of vain and superficial people have nothing to do with true astrology. In my eyes it is best to ignore them completely so they cannot take up all that space for void discussions at the cost of astrological exchange.

Though this judgement seems very personal, it is nevertheless not directed against the person in any personal sense, only against the kind of consciousness represented and brought into the world.

To summarize, it just hurts to see any effort to gain acceptance and approval by science. Astrologers have their own dignity, they just don’t need that placet. :))

Take it on your shoulders to be different!
But anyone who is practicing, does that anyway :)

There may of course be those astrologers who themselves believe in a world solely constituted by material reality, who deny the existence of mental and soul forces shaping and forming reality, to whom all evolution is not the reflection of subtle ethereal beings and forces casting into material reality what has its origin in other spheres. If it is “matter over mind” instead of “mind over matter” there might be a limit to true communications ;) No sense in arguing. In such a case it is better to drink some wine together, to enjoy life and not to have philosophical discussions ))

Kind regards,