The terrible earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9, worst in 40 years worldwide, took place offshore Sumatra with a death toll into the thousands. The exact data are:

26.12.2004, 00:58:50h GMT, centre of earthquake (offshore): 3.3 n, 95.78 e (careful: decimals) with an uncertainty of +/- 9.1km

I was interested to see if the terribly destructive gigantic tsunamis are visible in the chart. From the point of view of RL the chart turns out to be classical in its clarity.

In RL one would start the reading by the signs Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn because the Sun is located in Capricorn and thus specifying this mundane quadrant as dominating the event.
For the upper half of the zodiac the reading is done clockwise. (Would the Sun be in one of the signs of the lower half of the zodiac, the reading would be done counter-clockwise.)

So, we start with Pisces. Pisces is moving from 3 to 2. The border of the territory is Neptunian, dissolving, open, or as in this case, the sea itself, being the primary physical manifestation of Neptune. So the territory’s borders are open, Neptune itself being in the 1st house confirms Neptune to become a real manifestation – the tsunami, whirled up sea by Uranus’ intervention.

The second sign to read is Aquarius, moving from 2 to 1. The movement from 2 to 1 in event charts is often the annihilation or neutralisation of a territory. In this case with Uranus in 2 it is obviously the dissipating and centrifugal effect of Uranus acting out the exposition prepared by Neptune, directly within the territory and very real.
Again and again – Neptune and Uranus in connection to the first quadrant of physical reality is the whirling of air and/or water, annihilating territories, just like in so many charts of tornados. And Uranus-Mars is of course a well known aspect in earthquakes.

The last step is Capricorn with a movement from 1 to 12: reality dissolving back to the unformed potentiality, the Chaos of the 12th. This is further stressed by the Sun in Capricorn, saying this event takes place in the hidden. (10 km under the surface, in the sea). The sea itself is often signified by the 12th. Sun-Pluto-Moon. Moon, life itself wanting to break free from the god-like domination of life-experience by concepts, ideologies (Sun-Pluto).

The result is in this case a Saturn-Uranus-Mars, the bomb plus ignition. Saturn-Uranus is often a gunshot or any kind of explosion, especially when connected to the first quadrant. Mars is the ignition already added. Saturn in 7 gives it of course worldwide media-coverage. Saturn – limitation of subjectivity, putting an end to so many lives is in the present consciousness of time (7).

Saturn is in direct opposition to rising Chiron (Gennady, can you hear me? ;))
This might be supporting my idea, that Chiron could be the “messenger on duty of Saturn and Uranus”.


Then I was interested to find a connection to the place via the coordinates of RL.

The main characteristic of the place, the so called Differenz is 1.8Aries, derived from the two coordinates of the grid – Schraege = 28.4Libra and Quere = 26.7Libra

Obviously the MC of the chart is conjunct to both, Schraege and Quere,
connecting the finality (MC) of this event to the place.

Then I was interested to find a deeper connection to the quality of time of this era, as the above explains the connection to the place, but not the background of such an event happening at all, given its magnitude.
So I tried to connect it to the so-called epoch-movement, another specialty of RL, which I already mentioned in relation to Kiev in my postings on the elections there.
This epoch-movement has 2 different paces, a quicker one with a rate of 3 years per degree and a slower one with a rate of 20 years per degree.

The fast movement is right now on 12.5Cancer, the slow one on 1.8Cancer.

I suspected the slower one. The results are:

The faster one, set in relation to today’s Sun, results in 22.1Virgo, forming a square to Pluto on a degree of Sun-Uranus quality. The suppressed is erupting again.

The slower movement set in relation to the Differenz of the place results in exactly 0°Capricorn!

This tells us that our era has reached a point, where Saturn, Guardian of the Threshold of Time, is releasing the Gestalt of Time, or as the event shows, more probably the missing Gestalt of Time, into the realm of consciousness. We experience that realm as the flow of time. So much of the life that has not been lived according to its heavenly principle and origin is entering time, crossing from the 4th quadrant into the 3rd over 0°Capricorn. As it has been negated and left out, it can enter only as such – as negated life. To a certain extent one could say this was a moment of settling the account, activated by 0°Capricorn. This is not cynical at all. It is merely describing the way, how the left out is entering time at 0°Capricorn.

The slow epoch-movement 1.8Cancer moreover forms an exact square to the Differenz of the place at 1.8Aries.

In this context it is very revealing that Saturn, activated by 0°Capricorn (see above), today positioned on 25.4Cancer, is squaring both coordinates, Schraege and Quere of the place.
This amounts to a threefold connection of the event to this place.

Saturn is of special relevance in this chart, as according to this method of reading, it represents the result within this chart.

I am aware that some of this must sound pretty unfamiliar, but it is very conventional in terms of Munich Rythmenlehre ;))

This chart shows in a very dramatic way what we call “Neptune’s revenge”. If Neptune’s principle is not fulfilled in the time of our lives, Neptune calls for its sword Mars. And Mars destroys all form not being in accordance to Neptune’s principle. In the case of Mars-Uranus, an aspect frequently occurring in earthquakes, the Timeless from the 4th quadrant is directly manifesting physically. It is like an opened window to the realm beyond time of the 4th quadrant.

This chart is showing that we as subjective beings in this world have only one choice: accepting and receiving the Gods who are sent to us as the Gestalt of Time or rejecting them, leaving them out, living a life according to our concepts rather than in accordance to our soul. While our soul wishes to live a life expressing its principle as offered by the natal chart.

Kind regards,…