Greetings to all followers and non-followers of ethics and morals!

It is generally agreed on that ethics are about human behaviour. This is probably the only statement finding unanimous assent.

There is one important distinction between ethics and morals.
Etymologically the distinction is not very clear, but the two words differ in the impression they give and in their context of use. And there is a notion, that ethics is more referring to the consciousness behind than to the actual behaviour itself. Accordingly I use the following distinction.

Ethics are the equivalent of a human being’s relation to God or the heavenly will.
Morals are the equivalent of a human being’s relation to other creatures, mainly to other human beings.

Ethics is what a person is feeling deep inside to be the mode of behaving in any given situation being consistent with heaven’s will as opposed to the personal ego or subjective needs. This kind of feeling and perception may be well developed and pretty clear in some individuals and it may be covered and less accessible in others. Ethics are the expression of the absolute in a relative/conditional world. Thus we can never expect ethical behaviour. But it is still delightful to observe if manifested.

Morals are of a very different origin. They consist of a set of values and rules that has developed in a given society. In that they are changeable over time and varying according to the culture of the society in which they have emerged.

Ethics are present in a newborn baby. They belong to the soul that inhabits and fills with life the appearance of a body. Ethics is the waters that flow in an underground river from the sea of the unconscious all-potentiality in the 12th to the feelings of the individual soul in the 4th. Ethics are the content that flows through this umbilical cord, keeping us connected to heaven, giving raise to activity that is synchronized with heaven’s will. (Now and then if we are lucky!) A newborn has of course limited means of expressing these ethics but may very well perceive the ethic quality of actions in a non-rational way ;)

Morals are not present in a newborn. Family and society transmit them in the course of growing up.

Morals are no more than a safeguard against individuals with impaired perception and feeling of ethics! And of course the may be used to exercise power.

Astrologically speaking ethics are the kind of relationship that the 2th quadrant (the subjective being) maintains to the 4th quadrant (heavenly will), and accordingly all aspects or other relations between Moon, Sun, Mercury on one hand and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune on the other.

Morals are situated in the 2nd house and to some extent – regarding the functions of society in the 3rd house. They are delivered to society by a 10th house, by a Saturn (authority, state) that is no longer a carrier of heavenly will, (like a king of God’s grace in the ideal kingdom would be ;) ) but an authority that is representing society’s strongest powers. This is consistent with laws belonging to the 2nd house as well. Regulations according to laws fall under the 3rd.

In everyday life ethics and morals are both having their share in every situation.
Ethics are the higher standard. And often enough ethical behaviour is contradicting moral standards of society, while behaviour meeting the given moral standards may be completely unethical.

The inherent problem with ethics is as always in connection to the truth, that it is nothing that can be subject to standardization or proof. The devil itself may proclaim himself as the Master of Ethics and persuade some or many individuals to follow his rules. The individual judgement according to one’s own deepest feeling and sensation can be the only guideline in ethics, even if some try to put that weight on religions’ shoulders.

Kind regards,