Thank you for mentioning the very important difference between principle and dogma.

My heart stops beating for a moment whenever I hear the demand for dogmata or a dogmatic person.

Principles name by definition underlying fundamentals at the beginning of things. They are a kind of prima causa initiators. (In my representation of the zodiac they are therefore signified by the 12th/Neptune. But this is not important in this context.)

As such they are basic truths. The manifestations of principles in the mental and physical realms are ever changing and varying. Our comprehension and formulating of principles can never be more than an approximation to the truth from various angles, which are always already distanced from the principle, as they are no longer the principle itself but already its manifestation.

(Picture the stone thrown into water. Perspective of the stone that initiated the waves can be 1mm from the centre or 10m, and from anyone of the 360 degrees..)

Every effort to fix truth in the form of a dogma (the variant of an axiom in religion and philosophy) is automatically an exclusion of the truth.

The result is shown by Pluto which then (and only then) signifies negated truth in the form of ideology. Pluto’s sign, house position and rulership inform on the kind of ideology. Neptune informs on which truth has been negated.

The less someone finds living orientation in the experience of truth and identity with truth, the stronger becomes the desire for dogmas and ideology.

Experience and community with truth or principles is beyond dogma, because it does not need definition. And a dogma is by definition a definition :)).

As long as this experience is missing, even a “correct dogma” if such a thing was existing would be ideology and keep individuals from experiencing the truth of principles. I am aware that you will look at things differently. (Answering a Christian Orthodox interlocutor) You would probably see the dogmas of your church as stemming from revelation and therefore being able to orientate mankind. But even true revelation is reduced to ideological information the moment it is fixed. At best, revelation can be communicated in a life kind of situation. In any attempt of fixing it loses this dimension.