Hello my friend!

As I know you find some interest in my view of aspect-themes I shall note a few traits of Saturn-Pluto :)

Saturn-Pluto is one of the most difficult and at the same time least understood constellations.
First of all it signifies that one is born into a situation where the repression of truth, gestalt, destiny is already dominating life. The child with Sa-Pl is denied any kind of own individual destiny according to its own nature and endowments from the beginning. Parents’ plans for you or other circumstances force you to do the wrong things in life before you get a chance to adjust life to your true nature. Nearly always the first profession is the wrong one. People with Sa-Pl do not have any rank in society. They bear the mark of mental minority on their forehead. Unconsciously everyone in any functioning repressive society knows they are not part and never will be. If they however stay in the condition of repression of their own destiny they might be good slaves and be tolerated as such. In such a position they may very well be successful in the eyes of the world. But even rich and successful slaves are still slaves! Saturn-Pluto is the aspect of slavery and imprisonment.

To solve this aspect is one of the most difficult things to do.
It is the “Moses” – constellation, as the story of Moses’ exodus from slavery in Egypt to the promised land is a perfect metaphor for this aspect.

Born into a clan of slaves, your life being threatened just because you are born, without any guilt on your own, abandoned, bereft of your own destiny you find yourself just barely alive in a basket on the river, raised by strangers, unaware of your true identity and destiny. You have no consciousness at all of being born in slavery and of having inherited in your genes the mental images and attitudes of slavery. The lack of awareness of this stance leaves you no chance of freeing yourself from it. Only after becoming aware you have a chance to do so.

If one really decides on a soul level, not to be slave, but to go out and find one’s destiny, like Moses did, one must first cross a death-zone. If one sets off to go one’s way, one is in immediate danger of death and very likely to encounter situation of coming into close proximity of death, by whatever circumstances or events, just like Moses was subject to pursuit by the Pharao’s army. The collective that has enslaved you, is not ready to let you go just like that!

They nearly get you. It might be by injustice, by accident, even by disease. You are still influenced and not completely free from the deep-seated information that you have no right of an individual destiny fitting your essence and nature. In the beginning, while you are struggling free, you might still be inclined to unconsciously punish yourself on behalf of the powerful clan that pursues you and denies you any kind of individual destiny. Saturn-Pluto has to become Saturn-Mars, as Pluto is always broken up by Mars, before it can become the principle of truth – Neptune – again. This means you might have to endure great injustice on your way to the freedom of individual destiny. After the immediate danger to life follows a period of crossing the desert zone, full of hardships. It is a kind of Hades or Bardo, where you have broken free, but you are not yet able to see or experience your destiny – the way to the promised land is long and difficult to find. Hopelessness and despair are your constant companions on this journey. And the danger of clinging to concepts instead of truth is great. The Golden Calf is easily built, and if you fall for this temptation you lose your destiny before ever having achieved it. But fortunately you have no other alternative but to go on, until you see light at the end of the tunnel. During your flight (Mars-Neptune) you have to cross the Red Sea (Mars-Neptune). In life it means you have to rectify your situation from everything that is not belonging to your destiny, from all the false that is keeping you from experiencing the ever-new arrival of gestalt of time, which heaven has in store for you – the promised land. The promised land is the place in life, the form of destiny that has manifested as the materialised form of gestalt of your life, which gives you the feeling of contentment and satisfaction in life. The outlines of a gestalt are the borders within which to find happiness.


(Just a note at this point: This is the reason why no esoteric will ever be happy. In search for the 4th quadrant he forgets that his role is to carry heavenly gestalt into life, not to flee from life to the un-manifested realms of potentiality in heaven. A certain kind of esoteric attitude is the certain gate out of life and may cause severe diseases. In any case this way the manifestation of gestalt does not happen and the promised land never realises.)


If Saturn-Pluto is compensated, you are enslaved and enslave others as a stooge, a puppet on a string of someone or some collective.


Pluto-Mercury and Sun-Mercury are the inherited forms of Saturn-Pluto where you are already impeded on a functional level, having lost own life and destiny. In Pluto-Mercury this may manifest as a lack of identity and in Sun-Mercury it is a form of imprisonment, mostly manifested as clinging to an absurd degree to the wrong person, trying to substitute the missing own life.


I do not think, that Saturn-Pluto is in itself an indication for therapy. Saturn-Pluto requires a personal decision for or against truth. Saturn-Pluto has the ability of absolute faithfulness to truth, even if it is of disadvantage for the ego. It is in its best total incorruptibility.

Only very few people are able and/or willing to solve their Saturn-Pluto. It is much easier to stay in a state of slavery and captivity and imprisonment. If you are used to it a prison is a safe haven. Ask the wild animals in a zoo!

Greetings to a far away land with exotic weather conditions ;) –