To clarify the question one must first define what guilt is. In my view there is only one kind of guilt, resulting from the only possible sin for a human being – the sin to exclude truth from life. Let me explain:

A human being encounters heavenly truth as it is brought to him by life (for „xxx“ [a forum alias]: Dzogchen, the pathless way, life as a guru). Absolute truth (the Godly Principle) takes on a certain gestalt, giving (the present) time its specific quality, a “dress of fate” which the individual then experiences as “life” – simply encountering the situations of his life. If he is open to the Godly Principle coming to him via his individual fate, he is a birth-helper to the ideas (gestalt-forms) emanated by God, the Absolute, manifesting in creation. If he however rejects that offer he represses Truth in his life. The result is a constantly growing “Pool of the Repressed”, gestalt that was meant to manifest in life, but was excluded from life, prevented from entering this world.

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