To clarify the question one must first define what guilt is. In my view there is only one kind of guilt, resulting from the only possible sin for a human being – the sin to exclude truth from life. Let me explain:

A human being encounters heavenly truth as it is brought to him by life (for „xxx“ [a forum alias]: Dzogchen, the pathless way, life as a guru). Absolute truth (the Godly Principle) takes on a certain gestalt, giving (the present) time its specific quality, a “dress of fate” which the individual then experiences as “life” – simply encountering the situations of his life. If he is open to the Godly Principle coming to him via his individual fate, he is a birth-helper to the ideas (gestalt-forms) emanated by God, the Absolute, manifesting in creation. If he however rejects that offer he represses Truth in his life. The result is a constantly growing “Pool of the Repressed”, gestalt that was meant to manifest in life, but was excluded from life, prevented from entering this world.

The only possible sin, which is to exclude truth from life, produces guilt. Guilt in a very real sense. Gestalt was barred from entering the world by individual subjects who were supposed to be their carriers, birth-helpers. As the pressure mounts, the repressed gestalt will however at some point enter the world anyway, but now in the form of its negation. That is how destruction comes about.
Unfortunately this produces a vicious circle. The more is being repressed, the more people are born into situations of repression. For them it becomes increasingly difficult to receive truth in their lives. If all natural human resources, all abilities as a sentient being to receive truth in life, are counteracted from the beginning by parents and a society who have been raised in an atmosphere of repression themselves, it becomes ever more difficult to relate to truth. The fountain of life that is supposed to nourish the soul with the waters of truth is blocked. Truth is no longer surfacing within sentience, feeling, emotion. This ongoing blockage dates back over countless generations and enforces itself.

Every little bit of guilt that someone solves by inviting the repressed, by suffering it, deciphering it, comprehending it will reduce the pressure of this pool of the repressed for thousands of others. Maybe one person out of thousand solves a Mars-Pluto. And he solves it for all of them! At least for his own children who will probably not inherit it!

Evil is nothing else but the repressed truth that was not received by the soul and therefore excluded from ongoing creation. The evil wants to be redeemed. To that avail it needs to leave the Bardo, where it resides outside the presence. (As it has been stopped to enter presence and life.) But in order to be freed it needs to become presence and life. And if in this process the evil is understood, comprehended by the awareness of the individual, it will then be gone. The repressed gestalt has entered the world, has become finite and will no longer reproduce further repression and guilt. This particular information of the repressed will no longer torment the world. The individual will have been freed from a personal compulsion, and for the whole world the mounting pressure will have been reduced a tiny little bit. The repressed is like an atomic bomb. There is something like a “critical temperature” (I do not know if the comparison is correct, forgive if it is not.). And each and everyone who solves his inherited problems by deciphering the repressed and making it finite by living and suffering it, reduces this temperature a little bit.
A question that naturally arises at this point is the one concerning meaning and significance of the horoscope in this context.
The chart shows, as always, the quality of time of a specific moment in time. The human being who is thrown into this world at this moment in time will during his whole life bear the hallmark of this moment. Otherwise astrology would not work at all. The chart shows at the same time the surrounding situation, the aspects reveal precisely the situation of the family at the time of birth.
In regard to guilt the chart shows with what kind of guilt the individual is confronted in his life, what kind of repression is likely to actively spoil the process of life as a process of experiencing heavenly gestalt in life. Repression of the surrounding family and society will affect the responses of the child, and accordingly certain mechanisms of repression will be established in the individual. The hard aspects (including antiscia) show where and how problems occur. Especially all Pluto-aspects inform us on long-term mechanisms of repression, present in the family or greater clan, dating back generations.

There is however no way to establish WHO is going to react HOW to this inherited guilt. The individual soul response, expressing in the general attitude, poise, stance, or whatever one calls it, of the individual towards heaven cannot be seen from the horoscope. There is some likeliness, yes. If the inner logic of a chart is very tempting to replace a truthful life by the surrogate of egotistical or moralistic mechanisms to compensate inherited guilt and its accompanying weaknesses and difficult experiences, which would need to be dealt with, and to gain status instead of fulfilling one’s destiny, one might sigh and say: “Yes, he will probably not be a great help to heaven, but he is more likely to further and facilitate repression in this world.” But fortunately the observer gets a surprise sometimes!!

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