Greetings to all!

What I said in my last posting about guilt (GUILT PART 1) contains a few conclusions, which might be worth to be explicitly articulated.


Guilt is in this world. It is so in an impersonal way and is unfortunately increasing incessantly by the ongoing passing on of the mechanisms of repression of truth and principles of life from generation to generation.

The individual does however have a certain kind of freedom in the attitude it develops towards heaven and gestalt. The choice to either welcome destiny – by appreciating and living the quality of time in which destiny is dressed and in which we encounter it -, or to reject it and repress it, is basically possible.

The circumstances, in which the individual must find the attitude that decides this question, are however becoming more and more difficult. The more people are raised in an atmosphere of repression of truth and the more the results of this repression constitute the environment of our life, the more it takes for the individual to try to live a life that is different, individual, in accordance to the own nature and endowments as bestowed by heaven.


Inherited guilt cannot be avoided. Basically, owing to inherited and totally unconscious programmes of repression of truth, the individual becomes guilty without knowing so. This means, one has to become guilty before one has even the slightest chance to comprehend the nature of the inherited guilt. The guilt resulting from the repressed has to come into presence and life and needs to be made finite. Only afterwards is there a chance for the individual to learn from the experience, to truly comprehend and decipher the programme of repression that has lead to this completely unconscious guilt, and to maybe stop passing it on in the further course of one’s life by one’s actions and to one’s children!

This is exactly the point where freedom of the individual comes into play, not at any time earlier. Freedom lies in the development of a certain “culture” of dealing with truth, and especially of dealing with the experience of guilt, with the possible insights coming from it, with the sentience and feeling of truth in relation to one’s experience.

The resulted attitude towards heaven is the decisive factor for any future situations. People take decisions in split seconds. But these are not taken randomly. The decisions are taken from a general attitude that has developed over a long period in time. Only the permanent wakefulness, preparedness to receive the truth of heaven in our soul’s sentience and feeling may prepare us to take the right decision when situations occur.

This may seem little, but in reality it would dramatically change the world within one or two generations if people were able to fulfil and consequently comprehend and thereby free guilt that is inherited and has been multiplied and passed on since ages.


Every attempt to avoid guilt is total blasphemy and results in more repression of the principle of life, therefore in more guilt, in more evil. All we can do is to become more complete over time by experiencing and redeeming guilt, but never by avoiding it. Every attempt to stay pure or to become pure leads to a distancing from life.

Life itself is the process of experiencing gestalt sent from the heavens, or to experience its negation as committed and passed on to us by our ancestors. If we are not prepared to meet them fully, including all consequences, we do nothing to redeem guilt in this world or ourselves. On the contrary, this attitude leads a person away from life (2nd quadrant), seemingly to the “pure experience” of heaven (4th quadrant). Thereby people reject gestalt as it is sent via the 3rd quadrant as an intermediary between heaven and the individual, meant to be encountered by the individual as consciousness (3rd quadrant) and meant to impregnate our life (the 2nd quadrant) by inspiring our emotion, feeling and expression in life.

The attitude of avoiding the “relative truth”, of avoiding the individual fate of our life as sent by heaven leads the individual as a consequence onto a course directed out of life. This happens in a very real way. There is for example nothing more effective than this kind of esoteric attitude to produce cancer.

In my view, all religions and spiritual systems have to be measured by this basic attitude towards life! I leave it up to everyone to draw conclusions.



As I have the impression that the notion of gestalt is not understood at all, let me try to explain a little more this word, which is the best word I found to express something of incredible significance for understanding of how the world functions.

I have tried already once in an older posting called GESTALT.

I use the word gestalt to signify entities of being in the mental world that exist completely independent from human being. They are not “alive” in the sense of the vital force that expresses in the characteristics that biology attributes to “life”. But they exist and have effect in the mental world. They are organised in assemblies best described as having gestalt.

The human mind perceives them in an image-like manner. They are not accessible by logical thinking or geometry. Their existence resembles more the one of “ghosts” – not ghosts of the dead, but „ghosts“ in a sense of mental images, of designs for life and reality. It would however be wrong to anthropomorphise them in any way.

The existence of gestalt-forms was common knowledge of western thinking up to the great philosophers’ fight over the „Problem of Universals“ in the medieval ages from the late 11th up to the 14th century, when it was decided once for all that universals, which used to be called „ideas“ by Plato, have no existence of their own but are only names for what the human mind thinks up and generalises.

From this time on the individual was so to say impregnating itself (!!! – the ideological basis for cloning!!!), instead of being impregnated by the intermediary gestalt-forms coming from heaven to “inspire” man.
(Out of Spirit emanated gestalt-forms impregnating the individual soul = life/individual destiny)

In former times they were called idea (Plato), nous or demon (completely without the common negative association of today). The word idea is no longer useful to denote them, as idea in our times names thought constructions or concepts rather than self-existing mental entities. The expression archetype comes somewhat near but is not synonymous.

The dominance of this view of the world, where gestalt is no more than a product of human mind, has brought about such a tremendous change in the attitude of human beings towards heaven, that nearly no one any more even starts to perceive or recognise the significance of that change!!!

It is a perfect example of a totally unconscious programme of repression of truth. There was a time when leading philosophers fought about this principle difference in viewing the world. Now there is not even doubt any more. The whole issue has become a mine of repression in the unconscious of mankind.

Meanwhile the functioning of the world has however not changed at all just because of the stupidity of mankind. ;)

Gestalt originates in heaven, it enters time and consciousness and it meets the soul within an individual being. This meeting is meant to inspire life and to create reality according to the gestalt-forms sent by heaven, which are originating ever fresh in a constantly ongoing process of world emanation and creation. In modern times however man has excluded gestalt, believing, he is the creator of gestalt, thereby cutting the connection to heaven (maybe looking for a direct contact instead, which is denying the way of creation and rather constitutes blasphemy in my eyes).

Man has burdened himself with a responsibility that results from total misunderstanding. Human beings have their lives to bring gestalt that originates in heaven to life and reality. This is a sacred role. It is complete and fulfilling for the soul. Satisfaction and happiness are possible from fulfilling one’s destiny. In comparison the illusion to be the creator of any conceivable life according to stupid egotistical concepts is just boring and ridiculous. It is a constant fight against destiny and as such ultimate stress!

Astrologers know at least that time IS quality. The quality of time is the way in which gestalt communicates itself to the individual. But even (modern) astrologers are used to regard the quality of time merely as conditions of life, instead of understanding, that heaven itself, via the gestalt of time, communicates with the individual through the quality of time, conveying destiny to the individual.

If people truly experience this they feel a heavy burden being lifted from their shoulders. The individual is subject to the will of heaven and finds grace and dignity in this process. All hysteric attempts to create a world according to concepts and ideologies result in a poor and miserable existence by comparison.

One last thought:

If gestalt-forms REALLY exist in a mental world and are destined to enter the world and physical-material reality by impregnating the lives of individuals who can welcome or exclude them – just think about the consequences in case they are denied that possibility!! …..

Creation does not stop from this denial. However, in this case gestalt-forms enter life and reality in the form of their negation, which means, in a negative destructive form. We use to call this “unlucky fate” or “accident” or “disease” or “catastrophe”. We might however try to imagine in our fantasy what the manifestation would have been like, if heavenly gestalt would have been invited and welcomed instead of excluded and sent away.

Kind regards,